Fastest Quote Maker turns any ordinary quotes texts into beautiful quotes picture for social medias like Facebook, Twitter header, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram. Or you can use it as an E-Cards, Desktop or Mobile Wallpapers, and even high resolution image for Posters or other print design.

If you want to make a message or saying to be more memorable, you need to make it more "eye-catchy". But, designing is a complex process. It involves things like typography, shapes, color combination, composition etc. You don't have to think this! Let QuotesCover application handle the process and you just choose the results.

For Marketers or small business owners, QuotesCover is a real gem because it can save tons of time! without compromising the result!. Take a look at this simple 3 steps:

  1. Step 1: Select Wording
    Choose wording from our vast collection or use your own
  2. Step 2: Choose Editor
    We have wide range of output dimension for all your needs
  3. Step 3: Start Designing Generate, tweak, play! Our designing approach will save you time and it is fun too. Once it done just save it as image.

watch our tutorials:


Create Postcard Size Quotes Picture

Made in
6 Minutes


Playing with background photo filter

Made in
4 Minutes


(TIPS) Make a Minimalist Pinterest Quotes Poster from a Crowded Image.

Made in
3.41 Minutes


Make Facebook Cover Using’s Background on App

Made in
3.5 Minutes


High resolution quote picture for prints

Made in
8 Minutes